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Are you ready to completely realign your lifestyle to reflect your deepest desires & dreams while activating your body’s own intuitive healing?

In this 6 week DIY transformational program, you will be given techniques to ignite deep restorative healing that will leave you feeling empowered, energized & ON FIRE!

have you been seeking:

√ Clarity, peace and tranquility within your home, your work and your mind?

√ Fluidity and functionality in your physical body?

√ Balance in your relationships with your partner, your coworkers & your family?

√ An understanding of what the heck you should be eating every day?

√ Access your inner intuition & self guidance?

√ To live with a strong sense of self-worth and freedom?

 The Life Cleanse will supply you with 6 weeks of Holistic Health Modules, allowing you to dive deeper into your being, cleanse your internal and external world, and connect to those around you on a deeper, more meaningful level.

You will receive:

Two 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions, to start & finish The Life Cleanse
Weekly email correspondence regarding your realizations & intentions
Clarity on WHAT your goals are, WHY you want to achieve them, and HOW you’re going to make it happen
6 visualization videos to tap into your intuition and connect you deeper into your body
6 unique health-focused modules that are not accessible with any other Health Coach
A communication technique that has the ability to transform all of your relationships
A delightful completion bonus that you can use every day
A discounted rate to utilize further coaching programs after you complete The Life Cleanse


Your investment: only $400!!! CAD

I believe that health, balance and wellbeing should be accessible to every single person, and today, I want that person to be YOU.

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I want you to succeed and feel amazing. But I can’t make that happen for you. YOU need to decide that you’re ready for it.

We spend our lives so busy; always doing things, learning things, trying things…there’s no space to simple BE. In The Life Cleanse, I will introduce you to a simple and accessible way to meditate through visualization, allowing your body that moment of relaxation and peace. In this moment each week, you will begin to root deeper into your body, learn to listen to your intuition and start living a life of purpose. THIS is where I want you to be. Every Day.

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In this no-pressure chat we will take time to outline and explore what your health needs are and how this program could support you to satisfy those needs. You will gain clarity about your goals and WHY you want to achieve them.  

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Isn’t it time you invested in your own personal growth?

This investment isONLY $400!CAD

That’s right.
6 weeks.
1-on-1 calls.
Personal Mentorship
Deep, Restorative Healing

for only $400!!!

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