Abundance Mindset

I used to wonder who the hell would pay $20 for this teeny tiny bag of ground matcha tea powder…assuming that was completely unreasonable and unnecessary in my life.

Then I surrounded myself with individuals who treat themselves because they are worth, who invest in themselves because they deserve it and who honour their money, both flowing in and flowing out…and now I love my matcha lattes so much I’d rather have one at home instead of at the coffee shop. 🍵

Money is simply a mindset and a choice. Every dollar you spend is you making a choice about what matters to you.

There are no wrong or right choices (for the most part) only reflections of your thoughts, your beliefs and your limitations.

Choose to spend your money on items & experiences that will lift you up, allow you to feel abundant and beautiful, will fill your body with nourishment & fuel and will bring happiness into your life.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t okay with paying $20 for a bag of tea that would last me a few months at home, but I was okay with paying $5 for a latte at the coffee shop…that would last me 30 minutes and leave me craving more.

It’s all about perspective!

Today ask yourself; how can I honour and value my money more?

Perhaps you could gift a tea to a friend instead of yourself, or buy some flowers for your table at home, or buy a fresh bottle of probiotics because you’ve been out for a few weeks, or make an appointment to get your hair done, or take a luxurious walk at lunch and remind yourself that wealth is a mindset and in this moment…you are the wealthiest you could possibly be 💕🌈

In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,