Goal Setting Worksheets

On our drive back to our beautiful, snowy small town from our Christmas Holiday in the big city, Luke and I talked and talked and TALKED about this new year and what we want to accomplish. We always make time to recognize the amazingness of the year just passed, but we also make space and time to explore what the new year will bring for us.

With both of us being entrepreneurs it’s incredibly important to get clear on what we want to ACHIEVE – otherwise 6 months will fly by and we’re still craving that accomplishment.

But even if you’re the furthest thing from an entrepreneur, setting attainable and soulful goals will propel you forward into this new year. These goals can be as big as purchasing a house or moving cities, or it can be as individual as having an apple each day for your 3pm snack. Whatever matters to you is what you need to work towards.

Below I’ve attached a few downloadable worksheets* for you to use to get clear on what you ACTUALLY want to accomplish in 2016 – and how to make sure you do so.

Before you move forward with the amazingness that 2016 holds for you, take three minutes to reflect on your 2015:

  • consider all the things that you are proud of

  • consider the things that you found challenging but came out successful

  • consider the things that you are excited to change for 2016

Before we go any further, if you didn’t get a chance to watch my Goals With Soul video, do so now. It’s important to understand that all goals that you set need to follow a few guidelines in order to actually be achieved. Just because you set an intention doesn’t mean it will come to fruition. That intention needs to be aligned with who you are. Goals With Soul will help you understand how to do just this.

Once you’re clear on how to set goals with soul, download your goal setting worksheets below and get to work. Life isn’t about waiting for awesomeness to happen to you – it’s about declaring what awesomeness you want and allowing it to happen!




When you become clear on your intentions and goals, you’ll notice that things simply start to fall into place. When you know WHAT you want, the HOW starts to show itself in ways you may have not thought of prior. This is your subconscious working in your favour.

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*These worksheets are compliments of my Holistic Health Coaching certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.