Higher Vibrations – Awaken Your Spirituality

Niki & DeannaHigher Vibrations, a LIVE 4-part open conversation series, was birthed when fellow Holistic Health Coach Niki Wells and I realized that our ease of conversation around Holistic Health may be exactly what is needed to motivate YOU to make healthy changes today. We want you to have the tools and resources that you require to live your best life right here, right now. Our goal with these conversations is to inspire change in you, connect you to a Holistic Health network and expand your personal health awareness. We will be discussing all things health, wellness, spirituality and self-care in each open conversation.

Each session will be hosted LIVE and is accessible from anywhere in the world. We encourage you to listen in and join us through the chat box; let us know what questions you have and where your health has been lacking lately. Each session will have a general topic, but is always open to flow wherever it needs to go. Can’t make it live? Send us your questions ahead of time

Our first conversation was fabulous. We chatted about what Spirituality means to each of us, how it found us and what practical tools we use daily to stay connected. If you’re seeking some spiritual awareness and motivation, take some time today to relax and tune in. 

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Friday, Sept 23rd, 2016 at 9am PST/12pm EST



Women’s Health & Fitness Summit


I’m so excited and honoured to be presenting at the 2016 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit presented by Bellyfit® and elate cosmetics™, SEPTEMBER 17-18 2016 IN VICTORIA, BC, CANADA @ the gorgeous Victoria Conference Centre!

A weekend of education, inspiration, motivation & magic, just for women!!
Enjoy lectures, workshops, movement, performances, shopping, relaxation and fun with me and over 30 other world-class health and fitness experts sharing essential tips, tools and techniques for the body & life you desire & deserve.

I’d absolutely love to see you in person for this incredible event, but if that’s not possible, this year Bellyfit® is introducing a DIGITAL PASS!!

This DIGITAL PASS will give you LIVE REMOTE ACCESS no matter where you are on the globe so you can watch and learn in the comfort of your own home on your PC, Tablet, Laptop or Mobile device – as long as you have a good internet connection! And in case your time zone does not allow you to watch in real time, or you don’t have time to watch all the sessions, don’t worry, you’ll have links of the recorded video in your inbox within days of the event so you can watch it on your own time at your own pace.

Bellyfit® ~ Dance ~ Yoga ~ DIY skincare ~ aromatherapy ~ holistic nutrition ~ ayurveda ~ meditation ~ sacred sexuality ~ pelvic floor ~ health ~ stress management ~ hormone help ~ kombucha! ~ manifesting your desires ~ invoking abundance and much more!




Check out my cameo in the Bellyfit Reach For It music video! I’m in a bright pink t-shirt with a big huge smile at 50 seconds.

The Abundance Factor

Sometimes I find it challenging to share all that is going on in my mind about the world, our role in it and why it seems there is so much pain and disease.

I find myself overwhelmed with the fact that so many individuals are complacent and unwilling to look at their life, their desires or their needs with anything more than TUNNEL VISION.

My desire to make a difference, in whatever way that I can, has been brewing deep within my core for the last 28 years. However, with the always negative statistics that as a human race we are sinking deeper and deeper into a non-sustainable lifestyle, there are times when I question what difference I can actually make!?

sean stephenson

It would appear that Riley Dayne, from Armstrong, BC, CANADA, has spent his life struggling with the same thing. Luckily, he found a way to voice his thoughts and share it with the world! I would like to introduce you to a movie that has touched my heart and is bound to touch yours as well:

the abundance factor wide


For the next few days you can watch the full 2 hour movie online for FREE! If you have a short attention span like mejust zip forward to the middle so you can get right into the meat of it all & get hooked.
The interviews are powerful, professional and thought-provoking. Make the time, if only 20 minutes, to watch, listen and digest the content of this video. Your soul will appreciate it!
I promise.

Alexi Parno

Click Here To Watch The Video Now or Save The Link For Later Tonight


After you’ve watched The Abundance Factor, if you crave the ability to share, discuss and simply chat about the content of this movie and how it has affected you, shoot me a brief email and I’ll point you in the right direction. The beginning of any change starts with a mindset – and in order for that mindset to grow, it requires action. Take action to discuss, share and converse about your thoughts & beliefs. You never know where or to whom it may lead you.


dr bruce lipton


If you haven’t already, join the fabulous community of like-minded individuals who are willing to release the TUNNEL VISION and step into their own health & happiness. It all begins with a conversation. I invite you to join us and schedule your complimentary Health History Consultation with me this week!

In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,

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**if you want to take this type of work even further, check out The Life Cleanse. It’s 6 weeks of deep restorative coaching modules aimed to realign your internal balance. Best part – it isn’t time consuming and can be done in your pj’s 😉