Let’s face it, it has become a societal norm to complain about basically everything in life in order to fit in. We complain about our jobs, our coworkers, our weight, our partners, our income, our lack of holidays…even how they got out latte wrong yet AGAIN at the coffee shop.

I used to think that I was supposed to be “unhappy” in order to fit in and be seemingly “happy”…and so I would try. I got the regular job, I spent all my money, I tried living pay cheque to pay cheque, racking up debt…but none of it made me happy. I tried to fit in by having the right clothes, going to all the cool events, doing all the things that would allow me to “fit in” with society….and yet all I was doing was complaining…with people. Is this what happiness is?

My partner Luke and I being silly at a wedding a few years ago

The fact is….




There are a select few of us that are aware of this backwards culture we’ve created and it’s time we let the rest of society in on this little secret. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE UNHAPPY TO FIT IN. You simply need to be yourself. And if being yourself means quitting your job and trying a new one for the 10th time, or bringing your healthy vegan homemade meals to the office party, or quitting drinking for 6 months even though you’re to “addicted”, or choosing to spend Friday nights at home in your pj’s with Netflix and your cat….THAT’S OKAY! If these things make you happy, then why are you putting other people’s acceptance and approval above your own happiness?

Why are you allowing yourself to be affected by their judgements…or sometimes not even judgements, simply your belief that they MAY silently be judging you. Have some faith in humanity, have some faith in your community and have some faith in yourself.

You are an amazing human being who has as much wisdom inside your body as the Dali Lama. You are cut from the same cloth as Mother Teresa. You are capable of healing the world in any and every way that you can imagine…IF you believe in yourself.

So please, stop making choices based on the approval of others.

Stop putting other people’s acceptance in front of your own health & happiness needs.

Stop allowing yourself to be a slave to our backwards societal norms.

I’ve done it, so can you!

But the secret is, I didn’t do it alone. I had a community of support. Not the societal community that I had when I first acknowledged this desire to change…it was the community I created for myself.

I hired a Health Coach to get my food, my mood and my mindset on track.

I enlisted my partner to be my support, to call me out when I was dipping back into my old ways and to stand by me as I tried new things.

I journaled, daily, exploring my thoughts and feelings around these shifts and changes. 

I invited in new friends, women that I already knew, but had never seen in this new, open, accepting and Holistic way. I began seeing them as my strength, my support and my mirrors. They showed me ways that I could heal and grow, and celebrated with me as I did.

And what do I have to show for it now?

I have a stable, steady & healthy weight.
I exercise for the joy of it, not to agonize over how my body looks.
I eat foods that feel good in my body, and don’t fret over when I don’t.
I make time for people in my life that lift me up, and limit my time with those that bring me down.
I have quiet time, alone, just for me, and it feels GOOD!
I’ve become supported by my staff team – bringing me sushi for my birthday instead of a cake.
I spend more time outdoors and I feel no guilt around it.
I go to yoga multiple times a week and schedule it into my work days.
I spend money on myself for things that feed my soul; natural skin care, holistic health foods, life coaches, online mindset programs, gifts for every occasion, clothes that I feel sexy in
I see each challenge that comes my way as an opportunity to grow.
I read, I meditate, I laugh, I play, I eat, I sleep, I work, I create, I chat, I make love, I rest, I feel GOOD.

So, if you were to ask me how you could get yourself to this place of content and peace inside of you, I would reply with two steps:

  1. Hire someone to support you, hold you accountable, be your mirror and evoke your inner wisdom (click here for more on this)
  2. Practice being okay with wanting to be happy
In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,

The Abundance Factor

Sometimes I find it challenging to share all that is going on in my mind about the world, our role in it and why it seems there is so much pain and disease.

I find myself overwhelmed with the fact that so many individuals are complacent and unwilling to look at their life, their desires or their needs with anything more than TUNNEL VISION.

My desire to make a difference, in whatever way that I can, has been brewing deep within my core for the last 28 years. However, with the always negative statistics that as a human race we are sinking deeper and deeper into a non-sustainable lifestyle, there are times when I question what difference I can actually make!?

sean stephenson

It would appear that Riley Dayne, from Armstrong, BC, CANADA, has spent his life struggling with the same thing. Luckily, he found a way to voice his thoughts and share it with the world! I would like to introduce you to a movie that has touched my heart and is bound to touch yours as well:

the abundance factor wide


For the next few days you can watch the full 2 hour movie online for FREE! If you have a short attention span like mejust zip forward to the middle so you can get right into the meat of it all & get hooked.
The interviews are powerful, professional and thought-provoking. Make the time, if only 20 minutes, to watch, listen and digest the content of this video. Your soul will appreciate it!
I promise.

Alexi Parno

Click Here To Watch The Video Now or Save The Link For Later Tonight


After you’ve watched The Abundance Factor, if you crave the ability to share, discuss and simply chat about the content of this movie and how it has affected you, shoot me a brief email and I’ll point you in the right direction. The beginning of any change starts with a mindset – and in order for that mindset to grow, it requires action. Take action to discuss, share and converse about your thoughts & beliefs. You never know where or to whom it may lead you.


dr bruce lipton


If you haven’t already, join the fabulous community of like-minded individuals who are willing to release the TUNNEL VISION and step into their own health & happiness. It all begins with a conversation. I invite you to join us and schedule your complimentary Health History Consultation with me this week!

In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,

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**if you want to take this type of work even further, check out The Life Cleanse. It’s 6 weeks of deep restorative coaching modules aimed to realign your internal balance. Best part – it isn’t time consuming and can be done in your pj’s 😉