3 Things I Learned From The Victoria Yoga Conference

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This past weekend my mind, my body & my heart were blown WIDE OPEN by the beauty & bliss that is the Victoria Yoga Conference. I attended 8 amazing workshops with 8 different leaders, teachers & gurus and fully engulfed myself in the goodness that they were offering to me.

I learned how to cultivate bliss through Tantric yoga movements, access my higher intuition through the fluid motion of dance, stand upside down while being 100% supported below by a complete stranger, activate the healing potential of my Mala Necklace through Japa Meditation and grind my own spices while chanting a beautiful healing mantra to nourish my body from the inside out.

Wow! It was absolutely amazing!

I did a live facebook video in my private community; Holistic, Happy & Healthy and did a complete ramble of goodness all about the conference…but for your reading sake, I thought I would narrow down my experience to 3 major takeaways.

#1 – Ayurvedic Medicine

I had the absolute privilege to be led through workshopswith both Gylnnis Osher and Melanie Madhuri Phillips, Ayurvedic Practitioners. Glynnis led us through an awakening Spice Shakti experience of grinding our own spices while chanting a healing mantra with each and every grind. There were 30 of us in the room and all of us took a turn grinding these seeds down into powder to then be combined and shared amongst the entire group. The focus of this practice was to bring out the natural healing nature of each of the seeds, while infusing them with intentional vibrations of love and healing; a practice of ancient Ayurvedic Medicine.

Then in my workshop with Melanie, we discussed the need for yoga teachers and all healers to honour their own body’s natural rhythm, eating, sleeping and living in a way that activates healing potential. We discussed the three doshas of Ayurvedic Medicine and how these natural characteristics play a strong role in creating a lifestyle that supports our individual needs.

Ayurvedic Medicine is a beautiful ancient healing system that was developed over 3000 years ago in India. It was used before today’s modern technology and science to heal patients from all ailments, including simple daily pains like digestive troubles, elimination inconsistencies, sleep disruption and unbalanced energy levels.

Since my program through Integrative Nutrition, I have been intrigued and curious about the healing nature of Ayurveda. It incorporates so many concepts of Holistic Health that I practice daily with myself and encourage for my coaching clients. And so for this reason, I am committing to pursuing Ayurveda further and better understanding how I can utilize this ancient healing system to support you and every one of my clients.

#2 Dance & Movement as Meditation

Meditation has always been something that I know I need more of. Hearing stories of my aunt and her meditation group taking a weekend to meditate together for the greater good of humanity…well, that’s damn inspiring! And knowing that through meditation I can access my own higher power, my intuition and speak from a place of purity and truth…well that’s pretty damn motivating as well! But the challenge I have always faced is the art of sitting still. I am a busy body; my mind has always been a highly functioning chaotic stream of new ideas & plans that is incredibly challenging to make shut up!

So when I attended Alice Bracegirdle’s Bellyfit Flow class at 8am on Sunday morning and she shared with us the essence of Bellyfit…I was activated! Yoga was created long ago for men to be flexible enough in their physical bodies to sit for extended periods of time in meditation to connect to their higher power. The operative word there being, Men. In the words of Alice, Bellyfit was created to honour and respect the natural rhythm and movement within a woman’s body, allowing for softness, fluidity, movement and DANCE. This is how a woman can naturally connect deeply to her own natural healing potential and access her higher power.

BAM – Deanna wants to meditate, Deanna needs to dance!

And I’ve known this for some time, but I’ve ignored the potency within the understanding. I often will sit in meditation with candles lit and music playing, only to begin circling on my hips, rolling my shoulders front and back and ultimately beginning a naturally-led seated dance. This is my body’s way of telling me that to get out of my head, I need to get into my body.

VOILA! The answer to my question of how to meditate more & access that higher power…make more space for fluid movement & dance.

#3 Physical Limitations

In 2.5 months I will turn 30 years old. I am ecstatic about this! I cannot WAIT to see what my 30’s hold for me. This path that I am on feels completely connected, real and honest with my purpose for being on this planet. I am finally…after years of searching, fulfilling my soul’s purpose. 

One thing that can come with turning another year older, is physical limitations that you are not accustomed to. The first day of the yoga conference I attended 5 workshops & classes…each 1.5 hours long! That’s 7.5 hours of intensive movement, education, learning, experience & openness. Wow! That’s a lot. And I’m the type who gives my ALL to each and every workshop I attend. So needless to say…I was bit exhausted after Day 1; physically, mentally & emotionally.

But what I learned in this experience was the art of yin; softness, quiet, receptivity, and calm. This has always been an element of my yoga practice that I gently ignore…as I often seek the challenge, the physical growth and the beautiful yoga burn.

So in this honouring of my soft & gentle side, I respected my body’s physical limitations and attended only three classes on Sunday. I took time to rest in the beautiful marketplace, had a cup of tea while sitting in the February sunshine, chatted with friends; new & old, and just took in all the goodness that was available outside of the scheduled workshops.

Just as there is beauty in the pause between your inhale & exhale, there is beauty in the gentle pauses of life. By taking time to listen to my body, I had intimate & heartfelt conversations that were not accessible in a 30+ person workshop. I honoured my physical limitations with great respect and continued to give my all to every workshop I attended.

In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,


Higher Vibrations – Awaken Your Spirituality

Niki & DeannaHigher Vibrations, a LIVE 4-part open conversation series, was birthed when fellow Holistic Health Coach Niki Wells and I realized that our ease of conversation around Holistic Health may be exactly what is needed to motivate YOU to make healthy changes today. We want you to have the tools and resources that you require to live your best life right here, right now. Our goal with these conversations is to inspire change in you, connect you to a Holistic Health network and expand your personal health awareness. We will be discussing all things health, wellness, spirituality and self-care in each open conversation.

Each session will be hosted LIVE and is accessible from anywhere in the world. We encourage you to listen in and join us through the chat box; let us know what questions you have and where your health has been lacking lately. Each session will have a general topic, but is always open to flow wherever it needs to go. Can’t make it live? Send us your questions ahead of time

Our first conversation was fabulous. We chatted about what Spirituality means to each of us, how it found us and what practical tools we use daily to stay connected. If you’re seeking some spiritual awareness and motivation, take some time today to relax and tune in. 

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Fluidity – allow your body to flourish

Envision that morning…the morningLooking Out The Window that you wake up, flutter your eyes to the glorious daylight, roll over onto your back and take a deep breath, a breath of gratitude for another day. Then you roll your body out of bed, sit up straight, look out the window and feel the energy flowing up and down your spine – serving your brain with a fresh hit of oxygenated blood. While sitting on the edge of your bed, you stretch your arms up above you, feeling the light pop and snap of your spine moulding into place. You take another deep breath and realize that today, is a GOOD day.

Was this your morning today?    Maybe yesterday or earlier this week?

Chances are this type of morning may have been quite some time ago for you. And you’re not alone in this factor.

The average adult wakes up each morning feeling stiff, sore and cranky. But the exciting news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and envision how your life would be altered if the above mentioned scenario were actually your every morning. If you woke up feeling fluid, free and grateful – how would that affect your day? How would your mental disposition shift? How would your interactions with people be different? Take another deep, deep breath and repeat after me:


Now, let’s talk about fluidity. Your inflammation, soreness and inflexibility are all due to the foods you put in your body, and the daily movements you take. Every single day!

to exercise your body

Consider these two statements. One has a much more negative connotation than the other.

To Create Fluidity in Your Body

This is because EXERCISE has been linked to having the IDEAL BODY. Yes, losing body fat, fitting in your jeans easier and gaining muscular strength are all valuable components to a healthy life. However, today I want you to create some AWARENESS around the value in simply MOVING  your body. This doesn’t mean going for a 10km run after a 9 hour work day, or sweating your butt off at the gym at 5:30am. This means allowing your blood and energy to have optimal movement throughout your body.

You are made up of energy. Your body can be broken down into molecules and atoms that come together to create a solid mass that you have spent hours and days agonizing over and calling your own.

But the truth is, we are simply energy. And energy needs to flow. In order to feel fluid in your body, you need to increase the ability of the energy to flow. Taking yourself to a cardio class or drop-in volleyball game are wonderful ways to increase this energy flow. Walking up the stairs at work 5 times a day is also a great way. And how about getting down on the floor and playing with your neighbours new little puppy? Yup, that increases energy flow too!

Here are a handful of fluid actions that you can do every single day. Read them over and think to yourself;

What movements am I already doing that allow my energy to flow?

Daily Movements2

Write down 7 Daily Movements that you are willing to commit to doing this week. Whether you do them all each day, or do one per day this week – it’s up to YOU! The main thing to understand is that by moving your body, you increase your energy flow. This leads to a regular release of “happy hormones”, more mental stimulation, deeper fulfillment in your career and ease of physical symptoms like stiffness and soreness. All in all, bringing you one step closer to waking up each morning feeling rested, restored and grateful.

Share your intentions by EMAILING ME the 7 Daily Movements you are committed to this week and I’ll send you a friendly reminder halfway through the week to keep you on track. These are simple changes that are definitely do-able, but sometimes we just need a supportive and caring nudge. Together we can create daily patterns that allow your body to move, flow and flourish – enabling you to be one step closer to your optimal health.

Yours in Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,

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