Top 5 Ways To Stay Healthy During A Season Change


As the cooler weather comes and we get closer and closer to “hibernation mode” it’s important to create healthy habits that will create a comfortable and satisfying transition between the seasons. I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about the desire to stop snacking on all the chips and wine and start exercising more and choosing healthy foods. Here are my top 5 tips to keep your groove while transitioning into hoodies, jeans and boots!

Drink That H2O
I know, I know…we’ve all heard it, we all know it. But honestly, whether you have a sit down all day kind of job, or a running your butt off in the bush kind of job, getting enough water allows your body to run optimally, regardless of the temperature outside. Being hydrated allows your digestive system to work like a well oiled machine, breaking down all the delicious (and sometimes overly delicious) food you give it every day. And if you’re the type to have to refrain yourself from wearing three scarves to work because you’re always cold…drink hot water. With a lemon, without a lemon…whatever you like. It honestly is delightful!

Move Your Body in the Evening
When the evening darkness sets in, it’s very important to see this as an opportunity to get moving, rather than an excuse to become a couch sloth. Yes, I know sometimes all we want is to Netflix and chill…but your body will not be happy with that much sedentary time. So instead of curling up with your latest show addiction as soon as dinner is done, make it a point to go for a brisk evening walk at least twice per week. Bundle up the family, put a leash and a light on the dog and go for a neighbourhood stroll. Your conversations will begin to flow, dinner will digest better, you’ll sleep better at night and that couch will be just as tempting when you get back inside.

Greens, Greens, Greens
Just because the summer salads have disappeared doesn’t mean the greens need to too. Ensuring your body is getting adequate vitamins and minerals from green veggies is essential to fighting off that stubborn winter cold. Did you know that kale offers 120mg of vitamin C? That’s more than what you need in a day! It can be a warm kale and beet salad, blended greens in a smoothie, steamed veggies from a frozen bag, whatever you have to do to get those greens into your body. Click here for Dr. Axe’s 34 Green Smoothie Recipes.

Kick The Caffeine
Okay, okay, before you curse me and click away from this post…hear me out. Do you ever notice that your body is dependent on that cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning to feel even remotely human…or not foggy headed. Or when 2/3/4pm hits, are you desperate for chocolate, coffee, or sugar of some kind to perk you up? I just want you to know this isn’t normal…or necessary! By kicking the caffeine dependency, or at least reducing it, you allow your digestive system to work properly, allowing more of your food to be absorbed as nutrients, rather than stored as fat. Soooo, when you grab a delicious latte, ask for a decaf. When it’s tea time at home, grab a decaf or herbal. And when you’re feeling low energy and need a pick me up, reach for vitamin B, raw cacao, spirulina, chlorella, fruits & veg and of course, water!!

Stretch It Out 
When the weather changes we tend to change our daily movement patterns. If you’re heading into winter, you are likely spending so much more time on your booty, watching Netflix, playing games or getting cozy and reading. To ensure your blood flow & energetic centers are staying balanced, take time to stretch your entire body every day. Stand up between Netflix episodes and do a few forward folds, slowly & calmly. After a few chapters, get up and reach those arms up above your head. Bring your knees to your chest while standing and challenge your balance, even just for a moment. Stretching will keep you feeling limber, fluid and functional all winter long!

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In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,


Fluidity – allow your body to flourish

Envision that morning…the morningLooking Out The Window that you wake up, flutter your eyes to the glorious daylight, roll over onto your back and take a deep breath, a breath of gratitude for another day. Then you roll your body out of bed, sit up straight, look out the window and feel the energy flowing up and down your spine – serving your brain with a fresh hit of oxygenated blood. While sitting on the edge of your bed, you stretch your arms up above you, feeling the light pop and snap of your spine moulding into place. You take another deep breath and realize that today, is a GOOD day.

Was this your morning today?    Maybe yesterday or earlier this week?

Chances are this type of morning may have been quite some time ago for you. And you’re not alone in this factor.

The average adult wakes up each morning feeling stiff, sore and cranky. But the exciting news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and envision how your life would be altered if the above mentioned scenario were actually your every morning. If you woke up feeling fluid, free and grateful – how would that affect your day? How would your mental disposition shift? How would your interactions with people be different? Take another deep, deep breath and repeat after me:


Now, let’s talk about fluidity. Your inflammation, soreness and inflexibility are all due to the foods you put in your body, and the daily movements you take. Every single day!

to exercise your body

Consider these two statements. One has a much more negative connotation than the other.

To Create Fluidity in Your Body

This is because EXERCISE has been linked to having the IDEAL BODY. Yes, losing body fat, fitting in your jeans easier and gaining muscular strength are all valuable components to a healthy life. However, today I want you to create some AWARENESS around the value in simply MOVING  your body. This doesn’t mean going for a 10km run after a 9 hour work day, or sweating your butt off at the gym at 5:30am. This means allowing your blood and energy to have optimal movement throughout your body.

You are made up of energy. Your body can be broken down into molecules and atoms that come together to create a solid mass that you have spent hours and days agonizing over and calling your own.

But the truth is, we are simply energy. And energy needs to flow. In order to feel fluid in your body, you need to increase the ability of the energy to flow. Taking yourself to a cardio class or drop-in volleyball game are wonderful ways to increase this energy flow. Walking up the stairs at work 5 times a day is also a great way. And how about getting down on the floor and playing with your neighbours new little puppy? Yup, that increases energy flow too!

Here are a handful of fluid actions that you can do every single day. Read them over and think to yourself;

What movements am I already doing that allow my energy to flow?

Daily Movements2

Write down 7 Daily Movements that you are willing to commit to doing this week. Whether you do them all each day, or do one per day this week – it’s up to YOU! The main thing to understand is that by moving your body, you increase your energy flow. This leads to a regular release of “happy hormones”, more mental stimulation, deeper fulfillment in your career and ease of physical symptoms like stiffness and soreness. All in all, bringing you one step closer to waking up each morning feeling rested, restored and grateful.

Share your intentions by EMAILING ME the 7 Daily Movements you are committed to this week and I’ll send you a friendly reminder halfway through the week to keep you on track. These are simple changes that are definitely do-able, but sometimes we just need a supportive and caring nudge. Together we can create daily patterns that allow your body to move, flow and flourish – enabling you to be one step closer to your optimal health.

Yours in Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,

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