7 Ways To Honour Your Body

It’s time we stopped agonizing over how our bodies look & perform and instead focus on their intimate ability to teach us lessons every single day. When your stomach is upset, your body is speaking to you. When you get an afternoon headache, your body is speaking to you. When you get butterflies in your stomach before a big presentation, your body is speaking to you.
To honour your body is to LISTEN to your body; to be willing to acknowledge that it possesses wisdom that your brain does not. If we lived our entire lives doing only what our brains told us to do and not what our bodies gently suggested, we would be so unhappy, unsatisfied and unhealthy. (*note* if you feel any or all of those three things, please schedule a complimentary session with me so we can get you started on the path to connection between your body’s wisdom and your wellbeing. Click here.)

Try these 7 step to begin honouring your body immediately;

* BREATHE; multiple times a day stop, breathe deep and be in the present moment
* PAUSE before you take a pain killer, down an energy drink, have a 3rd cup of coffee or finish the bottle of wine, and ask yourself what your body TRULY wants
* GRACIOUSLY accept compliments from others – this opens you up emotionally to feeling pride and respect in your body’s abilities
* SLEEP – get enough rest, for some that is 6 hours a day, for some (like me) that is a solid 8 hours
* PAUSE before you eat and thank your body for its ability to digest this food
* MEDITATE, this practice will give your brain less air time and allow your body’s whispers to be heard
* PARTICIPATE in daily physical movement guided by your body’s desires
Take your body honouring one step further by joining forces with a trained professional to keep you accountable and on track with connecting your body to your mind.
As a certified Holistic Health Coach and Intuitive Healer I am here to speak on behalf of your body’s wisdom, igniting a deep connection faster than you would do on your own.
The healing can begin today, if you’re willing to open yourself up to the amazing wisdom within yourself.
In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,