Soul Purpose Program

soul purpose program

Holistic Heath & Lifestyle Coaching 

√ It’s about finding strength & stability in trusting your gut decisions

√ It’s about waking up with energy and motivation for your day.

√ It’s about fitting in time to do things that you LOVE and that matter to you; be it a bath before bed, 10 minutes of meditation, joining that book club, knitting a scarf, or putting on that beautiful lingerie and making your partner drool…

Are you tired of playing small- (1)

√ It’s about choosing whether or not to have that cup of coffee & recognizing that it truly is a CHOICE

√ It’s about enjoying the ease & peace with which your relationships exist – no need to be impatient or short-tempered because you’re rested, relaxed & fully expressed

It’s about being PROUD to share when someone asks “what are you up to these days” – no more fumbling with reasons WHY you switched jobs again or justifying that you’re “just a mom”

√ It’s about knowing that your food choices are made to give your body nourishment…and when that nourishment looks like a piece of decadent chocolate cake & 3 glasses of wine – you OWN that choice

If you’re saying “HELL YEA” and are ready to make this leap into your empowered being, then let’s get going shall we? All it takes is you making the decision that YOU are worth it. Once your mind is made up, everything else will begin to fall into place. Your life of vitality is waiting… 

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Are you ready to step out of the shadows and INTO your own POWER?

Are you ready to ditch the random aches, pains and upsets that your body is creating and begin living your life ENERGIZED and MOTIVATED?

Are you ready to stop living and start BEING?

I want you to take a moment right now and do something for you. Something that only YOU have the power to say and only YOU have the power to change.

I want you to say to yourself “THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR ME”.

Go ahead. Say it out loud! I want you to truly hear it come from your own lips. Your own voice telling you that YOU are worth this transformation. Why should you have to live your life feeling stagnant, bored or unfulfilled? Why should you settle for doing what you’re doing simply because it’s what you’ve always done?

Inside of you there is a strong and competent individual who is SCREAMING to come out and be heard! She needs to surface or you will always feel this nagging pain of “is this it?

This is something that you NEED to do FOR YOU! Not for your partner, not for your kids, not for ME, but for YOU. You are the glue that holds everyone in your life together, but without you, what chaos is created? How long can you continue living like this? Semi-passionate, weird bodily ailments, unmotivated and just a bit lost. Is this how you envisioned your adult life to be? I’m guessing… NO.


Let me introduce you to your solution:

Soul Purpose Program

This 1on1 coaching program will guide you through 90 days of internal transformation bringing your body and life into alignment and balance. And it’s only $600 CAD


Here is what we will cover:

You know yourself better than anyone else – so when we work together, I will leave it up to you to guide our process to be exactly what you need (don’t worry… I’m speaking to your intuition here, she knows what to do). It is for this reason that you and I may not cover everything listed below. This program will have no set modules for you, simply space to unleash, uncover and relinquish that lady strength! If you’re the type who needs that specific guideline and set modules, head over to The Life Cleanse and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for)

Mental & Emotional Mindset – get these two on track & you are UNSTOPPABLE

Concept of Primary Foods – nourish your body from the inside out

Behavioural Blocks & how to remove them

Access to Outlets for stress, tension & anger

Your Ideal Nutritional Guideline to alleviate mental fog & digestion upset

Fitness – what it needs to look like for you

Relationships to learn who do you show up as with those you keep close

Spirituality & how it can serve you daily

A Winning Mindset to manifest the shit out of your dreams

Communication – learn tools to become an effective communicator and transform your relationships – with your family, your partner, your coworkers

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This is your chance to say YES. This is your chance to make a STAND for you and everything you have been aching for.

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1on1 health coaching is a perfect opportunity to express yourself in a safe, comfortable and confidential atmosphere. Every two weeks we will meet together on Skype where comfy pants, hot tea and messy buns are encouraged. In our hour together we will look at your past two weeks to determine what areas of your life have been in balance, and which areas require further transformation. We will set intentions and goals that connect deep into your essence, allowing you to feel fluid in your ability to achieve them.

I want you to wake up feeling:
at peace
strong & stable
empowered by your own manifesting ability

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These individuals are now reaping the benefits of the Soul Purpose Program:

“I am so grateful for the empowerment that you’ve given me, because I would have just kept floating and being stuck, because I wouldn’t have known how to deal with it.”

“Our relationship has been so great lately…we’ve had sex every night this week!” 

“I remember feeling so ridiculously anxious and so freaking stressed out…I don’t feel like that right now, like I’m doing the exact same thing…but I just, my whole mindset has changed so much, it’s interesting, and I’m kind of flabbergasted…there’s no other word for it, I’m flabbergasted that I came so far in such a short amount of time.”

“Everything I set for goals seems to just fall into place.”

Stop wondering if it’s the right thing for you and just take a step towards your own self worth. Be willing to invest in YOU…because if you’re not willing to, who are you waiting for to BE willing?

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If all of this is sounding great but you’re still just not….quite….sure…. then I challenge you to schedule your complimentary call with me so you can have the experience and see how it feels. If it doesn’t sit right… then at least you gave it a try. But chances are, you’ll be so filled with enthusiasm and excitement towards your potential future…you won’t be able to contain yourself 😉

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Not your cup o’ tea? Don’t worry, there’s always another route to find your way.

Perhaps you’d prefer an online, do-it-yourself, ‘find where you’re out of balance and set your intentions‘ kind of program…if so, VOILA!

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Not feeling the Life Cleanse vibe? I’ve got exactly what you need…one hour, you & me, dissecting your goals and connecting them deeply to your soul’s purpose. Once your goals are connected to your true desires, you won’t be able to hold back from achieving them!

Lifestyle Mastermind

Lifestyle Mastermind

Regardless of how you find your path…just remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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