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Often we go about our lives setting goals and intentions that we THINK we want, without ever connecting our goals to our hearts. In the Lifestyle Mastermind session, we will take one or two of your overall goals and truly connect them to your deepest desires. Think a combination of Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map mixed in with a full circle approach to your health (health = fitness, nutrition, spirituality, connection, passion, desires, energy…and more!)

This is YOUR chance to make your goals make SENSE to you.

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I want you to feel POWERFUL and CONFIDENT in achieving the goals and intentions that you set for yourself. But the only way this can happen is if you are crystal clear on WHY you are working towards them. If it is to please someone else in your life (think earning more money to feel more successful to brag to your siblings or parents) or because a few of your friends have done it (think buying a house because you’re in your late 20’s and feel like a child because you’re still renting) then you will subconsciously not be connected to achieving that goal. When you are subconsciously disconnected, you will create situations and experiences that cause you to disrupt achieving this goal.

My role in the Lifestyle Mastermind is to uncover your primal desires, allowing your goals to flow from this primal, instinctive place. Once you set a goal from this place, you will KNOW that achieving it is simply a matter of time, not a question of how or why.

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My Lifestyle Mastermind session was wonderfully eye opening and powerful. Being able to look at my health as a whole, in every aspect, helped me to understand what changes I need to make in my life to be healthier and happier. Deanna’s supportive guidance was instrumental in being able to see these needs and in creating tangible goals to initiate change. I loved my session and am so excited to make meaningful change for my overall health! – Gillian, BC, Canada

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Lifestyle Mastermind

Deanna has helped me to solidify what I need to do to get where I want to go. I was already on my way with a few ideas but she put things into perspective and cleared up my vision. She helped me to see and remove the “blocks” I had in my way! – Jolene, Reiki Practitioner, BC, Canada

If you know that it’s time to stop fiddling around with your goals and start actively living the life that your vision board on pinterest actually looks like – schedule your one hour Lifestyle Mastermind session now. You will receive a BONUS goal setting worksheet following your session to allow you to stay on track with your deeply rooted intentions, plus receive a $75 credit towards any of my programs! (The Life Cleanse, Soul Purpose Program)


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This session is for you if:

√ you need some guidance and support with your goal setting
√ you KNOW that it’s time to make a change for your health
√ you have some goals, but they’re just not a priority anymore
√ you’re tired of feeling “blah”, “bloated”, “unmotivated”
√ all you need is a heart-felt kickstart to get you moving
√ you’ve wanted to work with me for awhile now have been a bit intimated by the 6 week & 3 month commitments

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