Health. It can be tricky right?

One day you eat chocolate cake with coffee and you feel amazing, and next time that same cake & coffee make you run to the bathroom. Why? Why these sudden changes and why can’t we figure it out, it’s only food! Why do we seem to be a slave t the food we eat?

Truth is –> I’ve always been a sensitive being; stomachaches, headaches, exhaustion and a deep aching sadness that could come out of no where and debilitate me. Listen to my podcast; How Fame Saved My Life for more on that. 

I used to deal with these ailments with Advil, Tylenol, fights with my sister, long sessions of tears, keeping myself SO busy with sports & friends that I didn’t notice the pain and eventually booze, partying & a few unhealthy relationships…

The Strange Thing Was –> When I moved away to university, I started eating a classic uni diet; KD, microwave meals, baked beans and a tonnnnn of pasta. And yet, my stomach aches faded and my headaches were nonexistent. It didn’t make any sense at all. I was eating crappier food and getting healthier results…well, aside from the “freshman 15” weight gain.

And thus started my journey into exploring the idea of Holistic Health. How can our food be so in charge of our bodies, and yet the inconsistencies are so noticeable. 

And Now –> Since my days of uni, I’ve learned how to level out my low energy & exhaustion, haven’t touched coffee in 7 months, I make my own hempseed milk daily and know exactly what foods my body wants. I nowlisten to my random stomachaches & headaches and eventually, I filled that deep longing of sadness with joy, peace and a sense of fulfillment in life.

This has absolutely transformed my life! HonestlyI feel so empowered, so in charge of my body, so amazed by its ability to teach me things and like I finally get it! I understand what I need.

Which is why I’m hosting a workshop for you; to learn how to take the steps that I took to understand your uniquely wonderful body.

Learn how to listen to it’s physical cues, learn how to manage the emotional highs & lows, learn how to find fulfillment within yourself.

<<First Name>>, if this sounds like something you’re definitely ready to figure out, check out the free workshop here.

PS: there is no cost to join! I simply want to share my journey’s lessons with you!!

In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,

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