Healing Adrenal Fatigue with Essential Oils 

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Adrenal Fatigue and emotion exhaustion are such strong contenders when it comes to feeling run down! If you are suffering from burnout, my number one suggestion is to ensure you have an outlet.

This outlet may be a dark, quiet space where you can zone out for 20 minutes or it may be talking to your Health or Business Coach about your feelings rather than your goals. It may be going for a run outside in the brisk fresh air and feeling your cardiovascular endurance strengthening!

Whatever your outlet looks like, UTILIZE IT!

When you are facing a burnout situation, especially as an entrepreneur, you NEED to release all that stagnant, heavy & bleh energy. You need to get things moving through your system so you can release it and open up pathways to invite more in! Explore what outlets you have already; possibly you love to talk/write/sing/draw/day dream…whatever it may be. Somewhere that you can open up, truly be you and feel fully expressed. I find fatigue often stems from holding ourselves back. Once we feel fully expressed, we lighten and feel energized.

And if you’re an essential oil lover and want to bring in some holistic healing oils, try my personal favourite blend of energizing oils; Eucalyptus and Grapefruit. These two oils together will lift your mood, lighten your body and support you with concentration & focus.

Franckinsence is beautiful for spiritually grounding yourself, which will lead to a sense of calm and internal strength.

Geranium is a really beautiful emotional balancer, try this in your diffuser and see how you feel with it.


And lastly, assess your personal balance…allow yourself the space and acceptance to feel all emotions. It’s okay to have an off day where you are a bit grumpy or unmotivated. You need that. It is allowing your body to rest, to repair and to prepare for bigger things that are on your horizon. Consider those days as the alternative to getting a nasty cold and being forced to spend time in bed.

With social media…take days away from it. Choose to ignore it. Spend a day with your uninfluenced thoughts…see what’s going on deep in your subconscious. It’s a great technology detox!!

Any type of burnout or fatigue is your body’s way of speaking to you. Honour it as an opportunity to connect deeper into yourself. Refrain from seeing it as a weakness and consider it an asset. Congratulate yourself on being internally connected enough to take the time to do what your body needs!!

If you need some support in finding clarity on what your body needs, I would love to offer you the gift of utter love and accountability doted on you personally, so you can fill up your love tank and begin to thrive!

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Because my dear, you are worth it! teal heart small


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