Entrepreneurial Style 2017

the place for every entrepreneur to create their
wildly healthy & successful business life

Welcome you beautiful soul!
I’m so glad you’re here.

It’s time for you to feel supported by a community of heart focused entrepreneurs, shine light in areas in your life that are stagnant and create a STRONG SELF CARE FOUNDATION that will trickle into beautiful business success!

You will enjoy:

weekly intimate group calls
an open community of support
weekly soul-focused worksheets 
holistic topics to deepen your connection to your self
personalized strategies for success in your business
intuitive connection to awaken your soul

5 weeks from now you will be feeling accomplished, balanced and empowered in your business AND your personal health!

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YOU are your business. Therefore YOU are the missing piece.

If you ARE NOT DEEPLY ROOTED in your soul’s purpose, you ARE NOT ABLE TO EXPAND your business and grow your message. As an entrepreneur, I know you have a reason for doing what you’re doing. A calling for sharing your story, for giving to others and for helping to make this world a better place. I know because I was right there with you! Entrepeneur, Health, Entrepreneurial Style

I became a Holistic Health Coach to HEAL PEOPLE, not to become bogged down by all the business and entrepreneurial challenges. Even with a Marketing Degree and experience working in non-profit and for-profit businesses, it still felt like far too much.

But then I figured it out.

√ I had personal energetic blocks that were not allowing me to speak authentically to my network.

√ I wasn’t able to connect into what my TRUE OFFERING was.

√ I wasn’t creating the most EFFORTLESS PATHWAY for myself.

√ I wasn’t LISTENING TO MY BODY in order to grow and expand my message to the world.

√ I wasn’t being open, honest and real with myself, therefore, how could I be open, honest and real with my clients?

And now… I recently booked out my entire practice, had TWO articles published in a magazine and JUST PURCHASED MY DREAM PROPERTY – 3 acres of natural bliss where I can offer yoga and personal development retreats right from my front yard!

Hello Freedom Lifestyle!!

You deserve to feel like you are truly on the right path FOR YOU, and you deserve to have support along the way.

You will gain clarity, awareness and motivation to honour your own holistic being and your business. In an intimate community of two other women we will honour, respect and support each other’s personal and professional growth every week for 5 weeks.

Feel inspired by the stories of others and motivated to take action to create your own personalized self care foundation. While you are guided through depths of your personal being that may have laid dormant for some time, you will ignite a sense of pride and empowerment in your own natural abilities and strengths.

“Deanna is so positive and nurturing, her knack for digging to the root of my blockages really allowed me to break through them. This program really shed light on areas I need to work on.”
– Trina James, Biologist & Environmental Consultant

This program is now closed for registration.

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 We will align our energies and intentions while creating an unspoken connection with a brief mediation to open each call. In our 90 minutes together, you will be guided to shed light on areas in your life that are currently stagnant and learn to release these blocks.

Following each call you will receive a soul-focused worksheet to deepen the topic for you. This program will strengthen your relationship with your health & body and create an intimate and supportive entrepreneurial community just for YOU!

Let me outline all five weeks for you and why each topic is so powerful!

This program is now closed for registration.

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“If you are seeking an enlightened path to ultimate career focus, then this program is perfect for you. Deanna’s ability to facilitate, dig for answers, and uncover things I didn’t even know were ‘things’  allowed me to get excited for the future and get super focused and extremely stoked on the new tools I have to open doors for a bright future which includes unlimited joy, work life balance and ultimately elevated monetary success for me and my family.”
– Michelle Lewthwaite, Realtor

Your Guide Through This Journey; Deanna Deacon

As a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, my pledge to you is that I will always show up completely! I will offer you my open, honest guidance and support through intuitive healing, authentic listening and passion for your growth. I will honour your growth period with grace and appreciation and will value your time dedicated to bettering your own holistic health & business. Without you, your business cannot survive.

With honouring YOU, magic can happen!




This program is now closed for registration.

Click here to register on the waitlist!


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In December I ran a trial version of this program and it was absolutely perfect! This is what my clients had to say about their experience:

“Entrepreneurial Style gave me the ability to focus and zero in on my desire for exponential success in business while maintaining a perfect work life balance and a future I can be very excited for.”
– Michelle Lewthwaite, Realtor

“Entrepreneurial Style gave me the ability to see more clearly where I need to work on myself, to be of more benefit to my business. Participating in this program allowed me to reach a better understanding of what is holding me back in my current pursuits.”
-Trina James, Biologist & Environmental Consultant

More love from clients of other Vitality Pure Programs:

“I am feeling so confident and empowered since starting this journey and for the first time I am consistently feeling sure of myself and my situation…You have helped me achieve so much more than I ever dreamed!”

“Last night….my partner’s head was finally switched on after your chat. We were able to communicate in a way that he actually heard me…and then he went ahead and created a vision for himself….phenomenal to witness!”

“To have someone genuinely listen to my story was a remarkable experience. Even while confiding some of my deepest fears and anxieties she made it feel so natural and comfortable”