Seeing Through The Eyes of Love

I always believed love was the ultimate ambition in life. To find love; to achieve love, meant that you were successful at life. The sheer romance and joy and excitement that love brought, THAT was what life was meant for.

And I still believe that…

But the difference between now and when I was 10 is that I no longer believe that I am destined to love just one person. I no longer view love as romance, passion, dates and flowers. I can now see love for what it is.

Pure, true and authentic bliss.

To love another human being, to love a plant, an animal, a sunrise, a moment, a feeling, THIS is the joyful secret of life.

When you can find the beauty in every experience and situation; whether it be a morning dew-filled walk around the lake or losing your mom when you’re only 19 years old, THIS is when you’ve found the magic.

The purpose of self help books and soulful podcasts and everything in-between ISN’T to keep you from experiencing pain.

Quite the contrary.

Any self help guru who knows their stuff will encourage you to invite in the pain, to sit with it, feel it, experience it.

Because the goal of our evolution as the human race isn’t to avoid negative experiences, it’s to practice the art of seeing through the eyes of love.

When you can see through the eyes of love, you see growth opportunities, personality traits being mirrored back to you, roses with thorns designed to protect such exquisite beauty and you feel complete gratitude. For in every experience, there is a lesson, a lesson in love.

How can you love yourself more?
How can you love your partner more?
How can you love your children, your parents, your friends and family more?
Your co-workers, your boss, your grocery check-out clerk?
Your barista, your debt collector, your high-school ex?

How can you offer more love?
How can you see through the eyes of love?

And it’s less about achieving this status of seeing through love, but more about simply being; embodying the love. Allowing the love to run through your veins in moments that are uplifting, and those that are trying.

With pure, authentic love in your heart, you will radiate as this blissful, balanced and profound being who knows the secret to life. People and animals will be drawn to you, without even knowing why.

So I ask you this,
How can you offer more love?
How can you EMBODY more love?
How can you see through the eyes of love?

In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,

No Fear

Let’s play a little game…

click here to listen to the audio of this game

For one minute, let’s pretend you have NO FEAR. There is no worry, no guilt, no fear and no limitations.

Consider where you’re at in your life right now.

Is this where you want to be? Is this where you hoped to be one year ago, two years ago, 10 years ago?

What about your life right now feels fabulous & free? What lights you up and empowers you to be the best version of yourself?

What choices do you make every day that you’re proud of? What foods do you consume, how do you spend your time and what activities do you enjoy?

Now consider with where you’re at right now, how would you like that to shift. What would you like more of? What would you choose more of in your life? What activities would you commit your energy and time to? What people would you choose to surround yourself with?

How would your daily life change if you had no fear, no worries and no limitations?

How would your body feel when you wake up, when you eat breakfast, when you leave the house?

What activities would you participate in during the day? What would you eat? What would you do in the afternoon?

How would you feel when you gently put yourself to bed at the end of the day. What thoughts would be running through your mind. What would you be proud of yourself for? What change did you make in that day?

Living a life of true authenticity, from a state of true empowerment, is completely within your reach.

You CAN have it all.

You CAN be exactly who you choose to be, day in, and day out.

But you CAN’T do it while crippled with fear and worry and guilt.

You CAN’T do it when all you can see are your limitations.

You need to break free of the grasp that holds you where you are now and be willing to SHOW UP for yourself.

Showing up for yourself is different for every single person.

Perhaps for you it’s finally committing to a vegetarian diet for three weeks.

Maybe it’s deciding to read those spiritual books, at least 30 minutes every night before bed.

It could be committing to ASKING FOR HELP whenever you need it, instead of feeling too proud to ask for or accept help from anyone else in your world. Admitting that you are not the world’s protector and sometimes you two need support, love & acceptance.

Whatever SHOWING UP looks like for you, it needs to be done.

And I promise, I can help you get there.

I am trained to help you get there.

I work with clients to work through the fear, dissolve the guilt, banish the worry and release those limitations.

We determine what foods are right for your body & your lifestyle.

What exercise you can fit in and actually look forward to.

What social activities you need to let go of and how to show up more authentically at each one.

Who in your life is lifting you up & energizing you…and who is keeping you stagnant.

What skills you already possess that allow you to puff up your chest and be proud of who you are.

So as our games comes to a close, ask yourself, “How am I going to SHOW UP for myself today? Tomorrow? Next week?”

Reply to this email with a brief sentence of how YOU are going to SHOW UP for YOU!



One of the BEST ways you can show up for yourself is to ask for help. Your health journey does not need to be one that you go alone. You can have support, you can have a community and you can feel lovingly guided.

My Accelerated Soul Purpose Program is only available until Nov 15th, 2016. That’s 13 days to register for 6 weeks that will give you a true chance to SHOW UP for yourself!

In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,


How To Start Your Day RIGHT

IMG_20160803_191450The wee hours of the morning are a critical moment for our mindset creation. When we are first waking, allowing our thoughts to become conscious again and starting ourselves off for a brand new day, new opportunity, we need to set ourselves up for success.

This will look different for each and every one of us, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is that it doesn’t hurt to try out what other people are doing to see if it is a fit for you.

I published an article called Morning Rituals that I would love to offer to you as an opportunity to see into the mornings of others who are successful, powerful and grounded. See how they begin their morning, consider if these actions would feel good to you and if they would fit into your lifestyle, and then give them a go! There is no harm in switching things up and you never know what insight you may gain from testing it out.

Morning Rituals to Live a Balanced Life SMALL

If you haven’t downloaded the Morning Rituals pdf (yours to keep for free to access at anytime you’d like) click here to do so. It is a beautiful way to begin exploring what your ideal Morning Ritual looks like. And even if you have had one for years, we change, our bodies and our minds change, so it’s okay to allow our morning rituals to change and grow with us.

In addition to the Morning Rituals pdf, I thought I would share a few new actions I have been enjoying regularly. Allow these descriptions to inspire you to explore your own morning rituals further! Make them intentional. Allow this time to be solely about YOU and all that you want to create in this world.



Essential Oils

I am an oil hoarder. I love oils. I love them for their healing properties. I love them for their smell. I love them for their connection to spirituality. I just love them! Each morning I fill my essential oil diffuser with water and browse through my display of oils. I ask myself what I need for the day and chose my oils dependent on my response. Sometimes its one oil, sometimes its three. I allow these oils to bring me strength, grounding and inspiration. I order my oils online at Young Living. You can get them pretty much anywhere, but beware of the price tag. A $6 oil is likely to have a much lower healing property than a $30 oil…consider the source of the oil and how pure they are. If you’re brand new to oils and have a few questions, send me a note & let’s chat.



Yoga isn’t just an act that is done to take beautiful photos and become bendy. It doesn’t have to look the way that it does in a yoga class. It is the act of moving your body to create fluidity, energetic movement and flexibility. If you’re stuck, stagnant or simply have lost your mojo…waking up and moving your body through a yoga sequence is a great way to get that negative energy moving. Not sure where to start? This week I’ve been really enjoying Yoga With Adriene. Check her out. A lot of her videos are only 20-30 minutes long, so they work well with a busy morning!


Taking time in your morning to simply be quiet is an amazing way to allow your brain to bring itself into consciousness without forcing any ideas or concepts on it. Allow your mind to relax, your intuition to come forward and set you up for a day of successful moments. There are SO many resources online to begin your meditation practice. Give this music a try and set 5 minutes on your phone…commit that 5 minutes to being quiet in your body and your mind. Repeat this daily and let me know how it goes for you!

Intention Setting

Actively setting intentions about your day, your experience and your expectations allows you to be intentional in your actions. Begin by asking yourself what you are seeking to learn, experience or find today and set an intention around that answer you receive. A few examples are;

I will feel strong, confident and stand in my power.

I will smile at every stranger I pass.

I will notice when I am judging someone and choose to release that judgement.


May you have a beautiful, abundant and powerful morning today, tomorrow and everyday to come!


In Health, Happiness &Pure Vitality

Deanna Deacon Heart Signature