7 Ways To Honour Your Body

It’s time we stopped agonizing over how our bodies look & perform and instead focus on their intimate ability to teach us lessons every single day. When your stomach is upset, your body is speaking to you. When you get an afternoon headache, your body is speaking to you. When you get butterflies in your stomach before a big presentation, your body is speaking to you.
To honour your body is to LISTEN to your body; to be willing to acknowledge that it possesses wisdom that your brain does not. If we lived our entire lives doing only what our brains told us to do and not what our bodies gently suggested, we would be so unhappy, unsatisfied and unhealthy. (*note* if you feel any or all of those three things, please schedule a complimentary session with me so we can get you started on the path to connection between your body’s wisdom and your wellbeing. Click here.)

Try these 7 step to begin honouring your body immediately;

* BREATHE; multiple times a day stop, breathe deep and be in the present moment
* PAUSE before you take a pain killer, down an energy drink, have a 3rd cup of coffee or finish the bottle of wine, and ask yourself what your body TRULY wants
* GRACIOUSLY accept compliments from others – this opens you up emotionally to feeling pride and respect in your body’s abilities
* SLEEP – get enough rest, for some that is 6 hours a day, for some (like me) that is a solid 8 hours
* PAUSE before you eat and thank your body for its ability to digest this food
* MEDITATE, this practice will give your brain less air time and allow your body’s whispers to be heard
* PARTICIPATE in daily physical movement guided by your body’s desires
Take your body honouring one step further by joining forces with a trained professional to keep you accountable and on track with connecting your body to your mind.
As a certified Holistic Health Coach and Intuitive Healer I am here to speak on behalf of your body’s wisdom, igniting a deep connection faster than you would do on your own.
The healing can begin today, if you’re willing to open yourself up to the amazing wisdom within yourself.
In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,

Health. It can be tricky right?

One day you eat chocolate cake with coffee and you feel amazing, and next time that same cake & coffee make you run to the bathroom. Why? Why these sudden changes and why can’t we figure it out, it’s only food! Why do we seem to be a slave t the food we eat?

Truth is –> I’ve always been a sensitive being; stomachaches, headaches, exhaustion and a deep aching sadness that could come out of no where and debilitate me. Listen to my podcast; How Fame Saved My Life for more on that. 

I used to deal with these ailments with Advil, Tylenol, fights with my sister, long sessions of tears, keeping myself SO busy with sports & friends that I didn’t notice the pain and eventually booze, partying & a few unhealthy relationships…

The Strange Thing Was –> When I moved away to university, I started eating a classic uni diet; KD, microwave meals, baked beans and a tonnnnn of pasta. And yet, my stomach aches faded and my headaches were nonexistent. It didn’t make any sense at all. I was eating crappier food and getting healthier results…well, aside from the “freshman 15” weight gain.

And thus started my journey into exploring the idea of Holistic Health. How can our food be so in charge of our bodies, and yet the inconsistencies are so noticeable. 

And Now –> Since my days of uni, I’ve learned how to level out my low energy & exhaustion, haven’t touched coffee in 7 months, I make my own hempseed milk daily and know exactly what foods my body wants. I nowlisten to my random stomachaches & headaches and eventually, I filled that deep longing of sadness with joy, peace and a sense of fulfillment in life.

This has absolutely transformed my life! HonestlyI feel so empowered, so in charge of my body, so amazed by its ability to teach me things and like I finally get it! I understand what I need.

Which is why I’m hosting a workshop for you; to learn how to take the steps that I took to understand your uniquely wonderful body.

Learn how to listen to it’s physical cues, learn how to manage the emotional highs & lows, learn how to find fulfillment within yourself.

<<First Name>>, if this sounds like something you’re definitely ready to figure out, check out the free workshop here.

PS: there is no cost to join! I simply want to share my journey’s lessons with you!!

In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,

Seeing Through The Eyes of Love

I always believed love was the ultimate ambition in life. To find love; to achieve love, meant that you were successful at life. The sheer romance and joy and excitement that love brought, THAT was what life was meant for.

And I still believe that…

But the difference between now and when I was 10 is that I no longer believe that I am destined to love just one person. I no longer view love as romance, passion, dates and flowers. I can now see love for what it is.

Pure, true and authentic bliss.

To love another human being, to love a plant, an animal, a sunrise, a moment, a feeling, THIS is the joyful secret of life.

When you can find the beauty in every experience and situation; whether it be a morning dew-filled walk around the lake or losing your mom when you’re only 19 years old, THIS is when you’ve found the magic.

The purpose of self help books and soulful podcasts and everything in-between ISN’T to keep you from experiencing pain.

Quite the contrary.

Any self help guru who knows their stuff will encourage you to invite in the pain, to sit with it, feel it, experience it.

Because the goal of our evolution as the human race isn’t to avoid negative experiences, it’s to practice the art of seeing through the eyes of love.

When you can see through the eyes of love, you see growth opportunities, personality traits being mirrored back to you, roses with thorns designed to protect such exquisite beauty and you feel complete gratitude. For in every experience, there is a lesson, a lesson in love.

How can you love yourself more?
How can you love your partner more?
How can you love your children, your parents, your friends and family more?
Your co-workers, your boss, your grocery check-out clerk?
Your barista, your debt collector, your high-school ex?

How can you offer more love?
How can you see through the eyes of love?

And it’s less about achieving this status of seeing through love, but more about simply being; embodying the love. Allowing the love to run through your veins in moments that are uplifting, and those that are trying.

With pure, authentic love in your heart, you will radiate as this blissful, balanced and profound being who knows the secret to life. People and animals will be drawn to you, without even knowing why.

So I ask you this,
How can you offer more love?
How can you EMBODY more love?
How can you see through the eyes of love?

In Health, Happiness & Pure Vitality,