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Community is essential to us as human beings. Every single one of us wants to belong, every single one of us wants to be heard. Camp Yoga introduced me to my tribe, my community, my peeps. It showcased to me that “my people” are out there, and they are AWESOME!

Envision; brightly patterned yoga tights, messy buns, flip flops in the rain, kiwi camp instructors, high ropes course, ocean kayaking, beards upon beards upon beards, music in our hips, smiles on our faces and an openness in our hearts.

These are my people and this is my tribe. This is Camp Yoga.


Every single downward dog I did involved some form of involuntary booty shake or hip swivel. Every teacher brought their own awesome personality to the class, allowing for no two classes to even be comparable. The amount of hip hop and old school top 40’s played was inconceivably epic. The evening rave and live band nights were like being at uni all over again, but this time it was only you and all your best friends. And the actual camp aspects; eating in the dining hall, archery, rock wall, canoeing, sleeping in cabins…amazing!!

Camp Yoga was a game changer. It inspired me, challenged me and deeply ignited me.



Since this journey, I am now filling up my holistic health coaching practice with new clients, hosting an amazing community solstice event in the park AND creating my very own yoga/movement/wellness studio in my town.

If you love yoga… and even if you don’t…this event is an epic weekend for all! You get to be a kid again. You get to play, sing, dance, jump, run and just be. You learn, you explore, you chit chat and you have one hell of a good time! If you’ve been considering attending Camp Yoga this summer, please accept my personal invitation for you to DO IT!!! 

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