Deanna Deacon with Vitality Pure

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

Welcome you beautiful soul! I’m so glad you’re here to join me on this journey towards your Holistic Health & Lifestyle.

If I could give one gift to every individual on this planet, I would give them love, in the form of someone to listen to them and hold the space for their personal growth. Someone to guide them into listening to their own bodies’ wisdom and actually acting on it. I would give them a coach.

I spent my childhood with chronic stomach aches, headaches, digestive pain, emotional pain and a deep longing for something more in my life. I was surrounded by a family of love and support, I was athletic and social, I got straight A’s, and yet, I couldn’t shake this sensation inside of me that I needed more out of life.

After my first year of uni, I was forced into the role of an adult at the young and naive age of 19 when I lost my best friend; my mom. Mom was diagnosed with an aggressive terminal cancer in her abdomen in the Spring of 2005, which was my highschool graduating year, supposedly the best time in my young life. This cancer was so strong that it barely responded to any of mom’s chemo treatments and in the end, it forced her body to starve itself to death.

My highschool prom 2005
Mom was diagnosed 3 months prior

Through my journey with grief, attempting to be an adult while secretly yearning to be coddled like an infant, I went through phases. I had the phase of eating the least amount possible and exercising far too much while constantly agonizing over what I saw in the mirror. I had the phase of eating burgers and fries, late night Kraft Dinner, far too many Gin&Tonics and basically just numbing my pain on a regular basis. I even had the phase of clinging to my boyfriend at the time, regardless of the fact that our relationship was a complete disaster and he had checked out about a year prior.

I lost respect for my body, respect for my mind, and any form of connection between the two.

For so many years I had tried to numb the pain with an overactive social life, heavy drinking, working far too much and showing absolutely no respect to my future, my past or my present.

It wasn’t until I began travelling the world, exploring what happiness and health looks like to so many different cultures, that I began to reconnect to that deep longing inside of me.

Seeing a new way of living life; one outside of the city and outside of the societal norms of the West Coast of Canada, showed me how simple and easy life can be. Raising your own animals and eating from your garden. Using alternative healing techniques like yoga and meditation instead of popping an advil and downing a coffee.  Asking my body what it needs and actually delivering on it’s request, instead of searching online late at night for what the next diet fad was that would make me love my body again. Exercising, for the pure joy of it, not just to win a game or beat a personal best, but to laugh, and play, and feel freedom in the moment.

THIS is what I had been seeking.

THIS is what my body knew I needed long, long ago.

THIS is the gift that my mother’s passing has brought to me.

Learning to live a life that reflects your individual needs, wants and desires is exactly what I mean when I say, “Holistic Lifestyle“.

I want your journey to include you living holistically-minded, exceptionally-happy and ridiculously healthy in your body, your mind and your soul.

But guidelines for this journey can not be found on Google.

You are as unique as every single snowflake that falls in the winter, every drop of water cascading down a waterfall, and every blade of grass on a rolling hill in New Zealand.

No one size fits all will offer the magic cure that will allow you to love what you see in the mirror, to fall asleep each night with a clear conscience, or to hear the whispering guidance from your body’s natural wisdom.

THIS is why every individual on this planet deserves to be loved, in the form of someone to listen to them to hold the space for their personal growth and to guide them to hear their own bodies’ wisdom. THIS is why you deserve to have a coach.

We are all complex beings, and with the mental strength we have created for ourselves, our intuitive abilities seem to have become forgotten. In my role I utilize a unique blend of life coaching, nutrition support, goal setting, stress release and energetic movement to connect you deeper into your own body and start listening to that wisdom.

All coaching focuses on increasing nourishment, whether that is through whole foods, joyful physical activity, effective communicating in relationships, exploring spirituality, or simply having one space in your life where you don’t have to BE anything or anyone.

I promise to offer you confidential, comprehensive and intuitively heart-centered support throughout our entire journey together towards your Holistic Health.


IF YOU’RE WONDERING WHY YOU HAVEN’T FIGURED ALL THIS OUT ON YOUR OWN YET, I’M GOING TO LET YOU IN ON A LITTLE SECRET….your body ALREADY KNOWS what you need to do to feel your Healthiest & Happiest. The answers to all your health & lifestyle questions lie deep within your body. YOU JUST NEED TO CREATE THE SPACE TO HEAR THEM!

It took me years of agonizing and pain before I realized that my deep longing and my honour to my mother is to share this wisdom with YOU! Through my travels around the world, my own personal exploration and growth and the training I received from an intensive program through the Institution of Integrative Nutrition, I can now say with absolute certainty, that you can get here too! You can wake up feeling empowered, proud, supported and guided by the deep wisdom within your own body.

If you’re tired of feeling exhausted, depleted and unmotivated, schedule a complimentary Soul Clarity Session with me. It’s valuable, insightful, and may be exactly the conversation you need to fast-track your holistic health. Trust me – it will be worth your time! Click here to schedule a 30 minute session. 

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