How amazing would it be if you could…


 Envision waking up every single morning feeling grounded, BALANCED and supported. Greeting every situation in your day as a CHOICE, an OPPORTUNITY for you to move yourself forward and continue down this path of your BLISSFUL life.

Knowing exactly what your body needs for nourishment and never holding onto guilt for overindulging the night before.

To gather strength from looking in the mirror, knowing that your body is miraculous beyond belief and will continue to serve you day after day.

Sounds Amazing Right?
Isn’t it time that this was YOUR LIFE?

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My name is Deanna Deacon and my mission in life is to connect you to the deep healing wisdom you already possess within your body.

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Are you a woman seeking support, guidance, love & nourishment while she treks along on her journey towards happiness & health?? If so, I have a perfect invitation for you!

Come join my private, online party; Holistic, Happy & Healthy.

Here we  share recipes, life lessons, failures & successes for all things Holistic Health & Happiness related! Every two weeks you’ll receive a free LIVE training from yours truly and you’ll feel supported, uplifted and truly heard in this beautiful intimate community.

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I know you’re ready to feel good. You’ve been ready for awhile, but you just needed some time to get yourself prepared.

You’re looking for change.

You’re looking for – and willing – to be transformed.
Now is the time. Right here, right now.


You have a dream for your life, and are looking for some way to help you live your vision. Everyday.

I want you to focus on your dream, not the solution. It’s not about solving every road block that comes your way, it’s about building up your internal strength to remove those blocks before they even appear!

You likely associate yourself as a spiritual person, an open-minded thinker.

You have a keen sense to learn, and you love to dive in deep.

You know you respond best to authenticity and can smell out “FAKE” from a mile away.
(yup! me too, so we’ll work GREAT together!!)


Your body ALWAYS tells you whats up, whether it’s a bad situation or a life decision that just isn’t working anymore. You know that when your body speaks up, you better listen!

You respect a person for the challenges they face, not necessarily the triumphs they gloat about. You see value and opportunity in the struggles, and believe that every moment of pain is a chance to gain new insight into who you are in this world.
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Internally, you know what you need. But externally, sometimes it’s hard to communicate it. You THINK you’ve got it all figured out, but then life gets in the way and you find yourself completely off the path you felt destined for.

My goal is to bring out your inner lotus flower; your internal strength and determination. I want you to emerge from the muddy waters of your past and confidently shine your internal light in the direction of your dreams.

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“I feel so much calmer and more balanced and more confident and more empowered than I think I have in a very very long time.” – client of the Soul Purpose Program

“Sitting down with Deanna is like inhaling a breath of fresh air! She is positive, light, and bright. At the same time you feel that you are in a safe place to go deep, you are in good hands.” – response after a Soul Clarity Session

Vitality Pure - Isn't It Time? nourished inside and out

Are you ready to get clear on your intentions, interpret your goals and begin living a life of whole body nourishment?


As a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach – my role is to provide YOU with the space to experience the true joy that comes from unleashing your vitality.

My mission is to spread the healing love and continuously create this amazing space for you, where true magic happens. It doesn’t show up in the ways you may expect – it shows up subtly, powerfully. To the tune of; you may wake up and almost like magic, your body, your mind and your soul are all on the same page. Suddenly you get it. You just simply GET IT. And this…this is the magic.

“I don’t feel in a lot of ways that I’ve been consciously thinking about this, like during our two weeks [apart], but its always there somehow…I just feel better able to deal with everything, absolutely everything in my life.” – client of the Soul Purpose Program 

“Small and simple things…key words to ponder at the grocery store, in the kitchen late at night and during space and time primed for choices. You pop into my mind and light the way. Thank you for helping me clarify MY goals to live MY best life.” – Kim during her Soul Purpose Program





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